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Many thanks to our guests for letting us publish here their great touring photos & reviews!

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Dear Fellow Traveler,

I cannot recommend Markus Germann and Viatorius Tours enough. We know that any trip you place with him, especially in Germany, will have depth and imagination along with high-quality service throughout the trip.

My wife and I understand this is a financial commitment. We understand it is a little scary to send money overseas and cross your fingers and hope for the best.

That is exactly what we and the couple we travel with decided to do.

Markus should be able to give you other traveler’s names and numbers who toured with him in the past and you'll be able to make a decision more calmly after speaking with them.

That is the path we chose.

Markus was able to personalize our trip so we could visit our ancestral lands and visit with the descendants of our common ancestors.

For me that was the highlight of the trip as I am doing the family genealogy.


But Markus's plans really covered all of Germany for us based on our initial request to him. Of course our requests could've taken as long as a month to cover. Markus was able to hit the most important things on our list and give us excellent reasons for his decisions.

To say the accommodations were superb is an understatement. We stayed for 10 days in Germany and did a circular route around the entire country.

Every hotel room and breakfast room was way above what we thought would rate four or five star in the United States. This of course was all included in the price.

The depth of understanding of German culture is what we were seeking.

Markus hired two specialists to take us through the cities of Berlin and Munich. They handled all of our questions and added great insight into the history and culture of Germany.

So what you might ask is different from Viatorius and Cosmos Tours?

If you really want to begin to understand thousands of years of German history and culture you cannot do that flying by a city at 100 miles per hour. You need someone who is immersed in the culture, language, and daily life. That is what makes Viatorius so special!


I'm a bit of a history fan and asked quite a few questions of both guides and Markus. No one stumbled or gave anything but carefully thought out responses.

This is a more expensive way of seeing Germany in the short run. But we feel that we have a much clearer understanding of the German society and won't have to make several more trips because of that depth of knowledge.

So we paid a little more since our meals in the evening were not included but we received so much more by having someone there to interpret and explain all that was around us.

I might also add they were great listeners. So many trips we've been on where you had the feeling the traveler was on the tour guides schedule, not so with Viatorius.

Hopefully this short note will remove most doubts that you might have about how well this will go.

My wife and I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Markus is free to give you our phone number and/or email so that we might remove any hesitations you may have.

Have a great trip!

Dennis and Linda Ricke